Chemical Monitoring

Live monitoring of emissions & gasses

Faster, more frequent, safer and formerly impossible analysis of atmosphere and gasses in order to solve issues with emisions, odour, environment and toxicity.

Up to 5 selected simultaniously analysis supported by temperature and humidity for industrial, urban, odour, safety, process, agricultural, compost/lanfill and cumbustion applications.

Possible on-board sensors
  • TRS and Amines
  • Air Contaminants
  • Particulates (PM 1, 2.5, 10)
  • General Purpose Odours
  • Total VOC's
  • Organic solvents (Ethanol, Iso-Butane)
  • NH3:         Ammonia
  • CO2:         Carbon Dioxide
  • CO:           Carbon Monoxide
  • Cl2:           Chlorine
  • C2H4O:    Ethylene Oxide
  • CH2O:     Formaldehyde
  • H2:           Hydrogen
  • HCl:         Hydrogen Chloride
  • H2S:        Hydrogen Sulfide
  • CH4:        Methane
  • NO:          Nitrogen Oxide
  • NO2:        Nitrogen Dioxide
  • O2:           Oxygen
  • O3:           Ozone
  • PH3:         Phosphine
  • SO2:         Sulfur DioxideNieuwe alinea
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